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FISHING Evangelism Growth Strategy

Matthew 4:19 “And Jesus said to them, ‘Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.’”

The purpose of the church is not to have church, but to be the church. Jesus has called his church to be a witnessing community (Acts 1:8). A church that does not have a comprehensive evangelism strategy is probably not fulfilling that function, or at least not very well.

The FISHING Evangelism Growth Strategy™ uses the simple acrostic FISHING to help church leaders and members understand the process of evangelism. FISHING is not a program to implement, but a strategic process designed to strengthen the church’s evangelism ministry.

Each letter in the acrostic FISHING represents a specific task within the church’s overall evangelism strategy. For each task, the church creates a comprehensive approach to win the lost to Jesus Christ.

Here's what FISHING stands for:

F—Find lost people

I—Invite lost people

S—Share the story

H—Help unbelievers cross the line of faith.

I—Involve them in a small group fellowship

N—Nurture their faith

G—Go get others!

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